The SDL Renting Experience

SDL strives to create a harmonious relationship between tenants and landlords, honoring the rights of both, thus making the rental experience pleasant.

SDL's goal is to find tenants willing to treat the home they are renting with respect, along with helping the tenants feel comfortable in the home. The tenants and landlords have legal obligations in the relationship they establish, so one of SDL's duties is to educate both parties about the contract they have created by entering into a lease/rental agreement.

SDL wants to establish a hassle-free rental experience for you from start to finish. We start by working with you, consulting, and guiding you through the application process, and creating a smooth, systematic move-in experience. If you are living in a SDL managed home, you will be able to enjoy the rental experience, and hopefully we will earn your respect and create a client "for life". SDL would like the opportunity to help you not only rent a home, but someday assist you in purchasing the home of your dreams, if you choose to go in that direction.

SDL is the true master of property management. We have spent years perfecting a system that ensures a satisfying rental experience for the tenant as well as the landlord/owner. We have created a Tenant Manual provided to you when you take possession of the home and will help to guide you during your tenancy period.

“Bertha”, the free moving truck, available exclusively for our SDL clients!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide our services to you.